Raveena Tandon- Maatr Movie Review


Delhi, where this film is based is frequently alluded to as the assault capital of India. What’s more, the film’s sole aim is to fill in as a reminder for the outrages against ladies. So you cheer the expectation. In any case, the film itself is over-sensationalized record of the deplorable wrongdoing and what takes after.

Minutes into the motion picture, you perceive how a mother and little girl wind up messing up and unwittingly end up at the home of Apurva Malik (Madhur Mittal), the wayward child of a legislator. High on substance, he and his posse of ethically debased companions are ever prepared to score. They assault and manhandle Vidya and Tia mercilessly, abandoning you anguished. What’s more, even before you can recoup from the violence of everything, these two are flung from the auto, onto the kerb in Nirbhaaya style, making you recoil advance.

Clearly the thought is to get individuals out of their sleep however to accomplish better outcomes, the screenplay and portrayal should have been more keen. Rather it plays out like a penetrate. Mother is hospitalized. Her heartless spouse, grieves the loss of his little girl, yet needs to separation her. A craftsman companion, Ritu(Divya Jagdale) gives help. Also, the police are generalizations, who mouth silly lines like, “PM desh ko shape karne ki baat kar rahe hain, aur yeh assault ki baat kar rahi hai.”

Next the mother, pulls off her wraps, ventures on the treadmill and embellishes the avenging blessed messenger symbol. Turn by turn, she plots the killings of the men who wronged her. Obviously, on the grounds that her misery has been so profound, you identify with her at first. In any case, her image of vigilantism brutality is similarly exasperating.

Raveena is true as the casualty who sullies her hands to get equity. Be that as it may, the measure of carnage, abandons you asking, what is more regrettable. Are the pictures of assault gorier, or is the carnage of the culprits of the wrongdoing, grosser?

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