Prabhas disappointing his fans!


In Rajamouli’s movies, every time the hero gets a new weapon in his hand to kill the antagonists. But in reality, all heroes have one particular weapon that will be impressing audiences all the time with good looks. And Baahubali Prabhas is losing control of such weapon now.

For all big stars, their looks and personality are their weapons. That’s the reason some heroes spend hours at the gym and some prefer ayurvedic massages, to get slim and look manly. Definitely, his macho looking physique in Baahubali has done wonders for him, as many girls went gaga over it while boys felt jealous. But if we look at Saaho working stills that came straight from Abu Dhabi, surely Prabhas is disappointing his fans a bit.

With his face little chubby and his muscles completely out of shape (looking little plump), Prabhas is losing that charm we have to say. As “Saaho” is aimed at Telugu and Hindi release, surely Prabhas needs to keep a check on his physique. At this moment, his competitors in Telugu arena including Mahesh, Allu Arjun, Charan and NTR are enticing audiences with their stud looks. And almost all the Bollywood star heroes have great bodies. So why is Prabhas neglecting his primary weapon knowing all these facts?

Directed by Sujith and bankrolled by UV Creations, Saaho is heavy budgeted high voltage action drama that is being shot across India, UAE and Europe. Shraddha Kapoor is the lead girl.

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