‘ Are those who are disappointed in not watching Guppy in Lilli theaters watching?


Lilli’s lukewarm response from the audience has not gone down well with many in the film industry. The film, which has Samyukta Menon in the lead and is directed by Prasobh Vijayan, seems to be following the same route as Guppy, which become a cult hit after it was released in DVD.

Supporting Lilli, Ore Mukham director Sajith Jagadnandhan posted on his social media: “Are those who were sad that they didn’t watch Guppy, happy that they watched Lilli? Both were the experiments of the same producer, for you. You, cinema lovers who had hailed Guppy back then after watching it for free on torrents, did you watch Lilli? If you have not, I request you not to watch it on torrent and post on social media to increase the blood pressure of the producer.”

A source close to the production team tells us that the because it was A certified, the satellite rights of the film is yet to be sold, making the film’s revenue entirely dependent on the theatre share.

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