Actress Ranjini wants trollers to contol


Ranjini, is the one of the top actress in Malayalam film industry, has expressed her concern over certain trolls that are evidently sexist and in bad taste.

The entry of Rajini in Malayalam film industry with Swathi Thirunal and attained big success with Chithram. She has acted in films like Mukundetta Sumithra Vilikkunnu, Kauthuka Varthakal, Mukham, Paavakkoothu, Thoovalsparsham and Sandram among others. She  comeback with the 2014 hit Ring Master.

The actress has expressed her displeasure over certain trolls where her pictures during her Chithram times with Mohanlal and the current ones were mocked by some. She has called for action by superstars to control their fans.

“During these times when we have made a women’s wall against gender difference a reality, this is unacceptable,” she said to a news channel.

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